P.S.: I love you.

March 19, 2013

In two days, my wedding will officially be six months away.  If you told me three weeks ago that I would make the progress that I’ve made thus far, I would have never believed you.  Looking back to my first blog post, I had no idea where the raw journey would take me.  Up until last week, it actually would upset me to even think about having to go through what should be the best day of my life with swollen legs and feet and 20 lbs heavier than my “target wedding weight.” All that, along with the fact that I was constantly fatigued and just feeling awful all the time.  All I could think was, “thank goodness my dress is long to cover the swelling, but will I even be able to dance the whole time?”  (I usually don’t leave the dance floor).

Now that I’m already 13 lbs down, not nearly as tired, not swollen, and just happier overall, it brings me back to the reason I’m seeing so much success in the first place: my incredible fiancé, the absolute love of my life.  After lugging to doctor after doctor with me and watching me suffer with pain, swelling and depression, it was his idea to pursue a raw diet.  I know for a fact that I would not have the success that I have seen without his support, as he has gone completely raw as well.  He even told me that he never thought in a million years that he would go even two days without eating meat, but this is the same guy that also told me five days later that he’s never felt better.  I want to take this opportunity to also acknowledge his personal success; he’s the lightest he has been in years and feels great with tons of energy.  I’m so proud of him, but more importantly, it’s more clear to me than ever how lucky I am that it will be him waiting at the end of the aisle in six months.  Starting our marriage with this kind of experience is by far the best blessing I could ask for, and it makes me so confident that the family we will have down the road will have a strong (and incredibly healthy) foundation.  Cheers to us, my love.

How can you be so positive, like all the time?

Overall, the outpouring of support has been unreal and keeps me going everyday.  There are the skeptical few however, like the super old school doctor who pays tribute to penicillin on a daily basis, the debbie downer friend whose motto revolves around the glass being half empty, and just jerks along the way.  They often question my positivity and can’t understand why I’ve been overwhelmingly happy.

The answer is simple, so listen hard, and listen good.  When you are so sick, for so long, and you have no answers, the second you feel better, you will kiss the ground everyday because it’s holding up your feet.  Taking my health for granted is a thing of the past.  And I will have bad days, but glass half empty people will be the last to know about it.  I’ve turned my own situation around.  I did it.  And healthy Carolyn = happy Carolyn.  It’s that simple.

I no longer believe in conventional medicine like I used to.

Today, my little sister called me and expressed concern because she is having stomach issues, not unlike the symptoms I had in 2008 when I had pancreatitis.  Her issue may just be that she has an acid problem, but I’ve had so much experience with stomach issues that she felt I could point her in the right direction.  She thereafter got in with the doctor, and was telling her about my experience and how I ended up reversing my pancreatitis symptoms by doing an all raw diet.  Her response: But I don’t understand why she did that, and why she didn’t just have her gall bladder out.  And there it is, my problem with doctors. Sorry if this comes off super rude, but there’s more to life than treating symptoms.  There’s, you know, that thing called the underlying source of those symptoms.  And why on EARTH would I choose to have major surgery to remove an organ when 1) it wasn’t an emergency, 2) it may not have worked, and 3) changing my diet reversed my issue AND made me feel super awesome.  

I feel so relieved to be lucky enough to have seen the doctor I am with right now, who is working with me on my diet, and on treating the SOURCE of my issues and doing reparative therapy for my “gut” or digestive system.  When you have food allergies/ celiac, and keep eating the thing you are allergic to, your insides just get so damaged that the gut can be destroyed by the time you realize what is happening.  A damaged digestive system, or “gut,” is directly correlated with the onset of autoimmune disorders, arthritis, neurological issues, and more.  I’m now doing everything I can to make sure those issues never happen.

I told Rich today on the phone that I felt I could never really trust conventional medicine alone again concerning the specific issues I’m working through.  I was surprised to hear that he completely agreed with me especially after what he’s seen me go through in the past three months and the doctors that were so off course with advice to just take some medicine.  (Again, another reason why he is so awesome).  As my Dad would say, it’s about looking at the whole picture, not just the horse’s ass. Yep.

Raw Meets Paleo, and Lives Happily Ever After

As you know, Rich made the commitment to do two full weeks with me of a raw vegan diet.  He did not complain once and made it through with flying colors.  Because he felt so great, he wanted to keep the gluten free and dairy free train going, but periodically incorporate meat into his dinners.  Enter the Paleo diet, or Paleolithic “cave man” lifestyle.  Paleo, in short, is basically exactly what we’ve been doing, but with meat as an extra food group.  He feels great about it because he knows he’ll get the protein he may have been missing.  Last night, Rich made Paleo turkey burgers, which I did try, and found them to be delicious. Here’s the recipe:

  • Lean, organic turkey meat (or organically fed beef)
  • two tablespoons cumin
  • teaspoon to tablespoon of garlic
  • ground basil
  • black pepper
  • peppers (or zucchini) and onions
  • avocado

Mix the turkey meat and spices by hand until well blended.  Form thin burgers and cook in coconut oil.  On the side, sauté some onions and peppers (or zucchini) in coconut oil until lightly browned.  Put the onions/ pepper/ zucchini mixture and avocado on top of the burger and enjoy.

That’s all for tonight.  Happy healthy vegan, raw, or paleo, or gluten free, or whatever, eating! Cheers.  And happy six months until our wedding.  I can’t wait to be your bride.  P.S.: I love you.


3 thoughts on “P.S.: I love you.

  1. Just read all your posts again and want to let you know how incredibly proud I am of you and how much I love you !!! You are a brave and beautiful woman and I am thrilled that things are finally coming together for you. I am blessed to be able to have you in my life…

  2. Thank you Donna. I love you too. Thanks for everything. I am so happy.

  3. Wow I can not imagine having your gall bladder out – what if this did not correct the problem? That is a major and invasive surgery (I imagine – I am not an expert). Seems like what you have been doing is working for YOU and that is all that matters. Keep down the road you are on! 🙂

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