My doctor wrote a book… and you should read it.

You know you chose the right doctor when a month into treatment, she comes out with a book about how to cure chronic inflammation, reverse autoimmune disorders, and feel generally better in life.  The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor’s 4 Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease by Dr. Susan Blum provides a wealth of knowledge and can be found here.  I am only on page 30 and already I feel like questions have started to be answered about what I have been going through.  Dr. Blum herself was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and used her own 4 step plan to reverse her autoimmune disorder.  This gave me a lot of hope, as my older sister is also going through a similar issue to Dr. Blum.  (No, I don’t really have an older sister, but those of you who know us know we are basically siblings – love you 😉 ).    A lot of the book focuses on the science behind the causes of autoimmune disorders and how lifestyle changes will improve your quality of life tenfold.  I have found the book very empowering thus far as a motivational guide for me to use when I’m at my strongest, and in times of need.  I would recommend it to EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Even those who don’t think they suffer from autoimmune disease but have any kind of chronic issue or just don’t feel good all the way around.  [P.S. – being sluggish or overweight is just inflammation.  And yes, the advice from the book can help you, too].  Get it. I promise you, it will change your outlook.

There’s Nothing Like the Support of a Good Friend.

Last Friday night I ventured up to Milford, CT to see a good friend from law school.  Rachel and I have always been friends, but her unwavering support these past two months have truly brought us even closer together.  She also has some health issues that she has tried to cope with, especially with her food intake.  She has consistently reached out despite her busy schedule, has incorporated more raw, vegan and paleo into her cooking, and she STARTED JUICING!  I wish her all the best and will be by her side all the way.

We made quinoa with mushroom, asparagus, spinach, parsley and some spices.  On the side we had this awesome juice made from the ingredients below: (yes, those are beets and limes – yum)!


Health Update

I finished my antibiotics for the h. pylori last night.  I feel so much better today being off the meds.  I had to take 14 more pills per day on top of whatever supplements I am taking now.  My stomach was pretty much in agony and really needed grains to absorb so many pills. The nausea was so bad at one point that I gave in and bought gluten free/ dairy free granola.  When you are on antibiotics that heavy, there’s just no way around it.  An apple just would not cut it.  Unfortunately, the grains caused me to suffer some minor inflammation, but I had to just give into it.  Now that I’m off the antibiotics, I’ve started taking my probiotic again and can dive right back into eating more raw food again.  Really interested to see my progress going forward and praying that it flourishes.

Pizza, Pizza

Tonight, Rich and I are going to the city to have dinner with one of my best friends and we get to meet her boyfriend.  They’ve graciously agreed to have dinner at a restaurant that specializes in gluten free and dairy free pizza (they also have regular pizza too).  Even though I typically opt for a “no subtitute for gluten” rule, I’m human and I’m going to let myself enjoy the experience.  I’ve been SO good, checking every single ingredient, and I never give in to anything that’s bad for my body.  Tonight’s no exception, but yes, the dough is made with brown rice flour.  Anyway, it’s just nice to have incredibly supportive people in one’s life.  I’ll call it a win.


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